Outstanding Achievements at PSIA Academic District Meet

Congratulations to our PSIA State Winners! Our students participated in diverse categories including Math, Number Sense, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary, Storytelling, Maps, and more! Our students won 24 awards! We had eight 1st place winners, eight 2nd place, three 3rd place, one 4th place, two 5th place, one 6th place, and one 10th place! Due to their success, our school placed 1st in the competition and are the state champions in our division.


Twenty-seven DAVMES students showcased their exceptional talents at the PSIA Academic District Meet. They engaged in a diverse range of competitions such as Math, Number Sense, Ready Writing, and more, demonstrating their academic prowess and creativity.

The team’s extraordinary performance resulted in a remarkable haul of awards – 15 first place ribbons, 12 second place, 12 third place, 10 fourth place, 2 fifth place, and 6 sixth place in various categories. Their dedication and hard work truly shone through in their outstanding placements.


Moreover, an impressive fourteen students have successfully advanced to the state meet, setting a high standard for academic excellence and ambition. Congratulations to all participants and teachers for their incredible success!!!

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