Established in August 2000, DAV Montessori & Elementary School in Houston has a strong commitment to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and nurturing global citizens.

Accredited since August 2016 by TAAPS, the school offers a unique curriculum blending Montessori with traditional education and emphasizing heritage culture and language. The program spans from preschool to 5th grade, ensuring a well-rounded education. Graduates of DAV Montessori & Elementary School transition seamlessly into various academic programs, showcasing their pride in heritage and academic achievements.

Our Mission & Vision Statement


Our School Mission – Provide quality Montessori and Elementary education combined with the knowledge and appreciation for heritage, culture and language while raising confident and resilient global citizens. Our core values are, "Academic Excellence and Spiritual Growth"


DAVMES, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to education that is center around more than just academic advancement. In addition to fostering intellectual growth, we also place significant importance on spiritual development rooted in Dharmic values such as Honesty, Patience, Learning, Justice, Respect, and Love.

Give your child a blend of exceptional educational opportunities and a nurturing environment at DAV Montessori & Elementary School

DAV Differentiator

1. Unique Approach in Houston, Texas

Our school stands out in Houston, Texas due to our innovative methods. In addition to our standard academic program, we offer a diverse range of enriching activities

Our primary goal is to nurture the ethical, mental, and physical progress of our students, while also instilling in them a strong sense of social duty. We understand the vital role we play in laying the foundational pillars for the intellectual and spiritual advancement of every child.

2. Excelsior Education at DAV Montessori

Discover a world where DAV Montessori’s early graduates thrive at prestigious institutions. Our faculty, known for their professionalism, dedication, and experience, are enthusiastic educators fostering a welcoming and nurturing environment. With a low student/teacher ratio, each child receives personalized attention and a tailored learning approach to unlock their full potential.

Embrace a curriculum that includes exposure to stage performances and cultural events, grooming students in Arya Samaj and DAVM school functions for confidence on stage. Engage in diverse activities like Yoga, P.E., Art, and basic Computer skills as part of the holistic learning experience.Demonstrating remarkable academic progress, our students consistently excel two to three grade levels above national standards.

DAVMES Differentiator

1. Unique Approach

DAVMES school stands out not only in Houston, TX but the entire US for its unique program. In addition to our standard academic program, we offer holistic learning experience and activities including teachings on Vedic principles and Mantras, meditation, Yoga, Art, Hindi language classes, Science Lab, and Technology.

2. Excelsior Education

DAV Montessori & Elementary School offers top-notch education with dedicated faculty, personalized attention, and tailored learning. Our curriculum includes cultural events and stage performances, building confidence, and participation in Private Schools interscholastic academic meet. Enjoy a secure and vegetarian campus, and extended school hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm with bus services available.

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