Unique KG & First grade Program

The kindergarten and First grade program at DAVMES blend Montessori teaching with Texas Essential knowledge standards. Students enjoy a variety of opportunities in a secure and welcoming environment. They seamlessly transition into the classroom environment, benefiting from Montessori principles and teacher guidance. It integrates past learning experiences while fostering creativity. The curriculum covers Math, ELA, Cultural Studies, Hindi Language, Yoga, Art, P.E., Music, and Stage Performances. Students work both collaboratively and independently, ensuring a strong foundation for academic success in the future

Program Highlights

Hands-On Learning

Utilizes Montessori materials for developmentally appropriate hands-on learning experiences.

Individualized Approach

Helps children progress from concrete experiences to abstract thinking.

Personalized Learning

Identifies areas of focus and provides tailored education for balanced development.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Covers Mathematics, language, reading, science, social studies, sensorial, and practical life skills.

Academic Excellence

Teachers support children in reaching their academic potential.

Engaging Activities

Includes classwork, homework, weekly spelling tests, and Math speed drill tests.

Cultural Exploration

Offers opportunities for cultural studies through experiments, field trips, and school celebrations.

Prepared Environment

Fosters peace, tolerance, and independence in a motivating atmosphere.

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