• I cannot begin to express my gratitude and love for DAV Elementary and Montessori! Our son, Aryan, has grown in so many aspects and learned so much in the little time he has been attending the school. We absolutely love the environment for him to learn.
    Deepika Agarwal
  • This is my kids 2nd year in DAV Montessori and I am glad that I made a right decision and gave them the best. Every day, they bring back home new words/national songs/Sanskrit slokas and they make us feel proud every moment. Soon to be 4 year olds, talks about continents, invertebrates, mammals, Indian states, Indian American national songs and what more can any parent expect. Kudos to the school staff for the excellent curicullum. Thank you so much DAV!
    Tulasi Manoj
  • Our son went to DAV for 5 years and it is one of the best school that we have come across. The professionalism of the director and the teachers is unbeatable. I have never come across any organization work so efficiently & smoothly. We did not have any issues during 5 years that itself says a lot about the school.The school offers a good blend of academics and Indian values,Yoga & Sanskrit. We highly recommend it.
    Barkha Jain
  • I see my son rediscover himself everyday. He amazes me, inspires me and I love the way he has chosen to grow up. And all of this was possible bcuz of the helping hands at DAV Montessori. Thank u.
    Latha Shekar
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