International Day 2023

 International Day 2023 was a huge success. Classes from Preschool to 5th grade were assigned a country and the students had a great time researching & learning facts about their assigned countries geography, culture & history, the cuisine & language. The countries represented this year include Greece, Jamaica, South Africa, Egypt, Colombia, Nigeria, Puerto Rico & New Zealand. The students were amazing and had us enthralled with their presentations, what a trip around the world! Each class put together a tri-fold with information about their country, artifacts, a craft station and a game for others to play that was popular in their respective country. What a fun & great way to learn about different countries & cultures!
International Day Finale!
Students and parents had a great time visiting different countries, playing games and doing crafts.

Next up: Central Region Winners! Shout out to Prisha, Riansh, Myra, Nuelle, Caden, Zita, and Mary for their impressive print and cursive handwriting!

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