Arti Khanna

I joined D.A.V. Montessori & Elementary School in 2005. Following a decade of teaching experience as a lead teacher in the Houston area, I transitioned to the role of School Director at DAVMES in the same year. My previous teaching experience has provided me with the joy of nurturing young minds and instilling in them a passion for learning.

Transitioning to the role of School Director/Principal at DAVMES marked a pivotal moment in my career. In this capacity, I am privileged to contribute to an exceptional school community, characterized by dedicated parent partnerships, a talented cohort of educators and staff, and a student body teeming with potential. Together, we are steadfastly committed to sculpting a brighter future, enriching the lives of children one step at a time. This holistic approach underscores my unwavering dedication to education and my fervent desire to cultivate an environment where each child can thrive and flourish.

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