• Kindergarden

    Kindergarten at D.A.V. is a unique class that combines Montessori based teaching with Texas Education standard textbooks. The Kindergarten class is designed to bring together everything that the child has learned in the previous years.

    Our Kindergarten class buzzes with wonderful creative energy and learning. We offer a rich variety of opportunities for students to experience freedom within a secure, attractively structured, and homely environment. Students are introduced to a broad range of concepts and activities through individual and group lessons.The curriculum focuses on a strong foundation of Math, Reading, Cultural Studies, Hindi Language, Yoga, Art, P.E., Music, and Stage Performances. Students work collaboratively and individually within the Montessori dynamic coupled with an academically accelerated program that emphasizes building a robust foundation to spark imagination and engage in intellect.

    By the end of the Kindergarten year, each child is ready to move on having attained strong academic skills and acknowledging that learning is fun, exciting, and boundless. Our meticulously designed Kindergarten program prepares each child for success in First Grade and beyond.

  • 1st Grade

    DAV Montessori First Grade class for 5 to 6 years old, is a unique program that combines Montessori class with text books based on the Texas Education Standards.

    The children make a smooth transition into the classroom with Montessori learning environment and the teacher's guidance. The First-Grade classroom is equipped with Montessori material for developmentally appropriate hands-on-learning which leads the children through concrete experiences to the understanding of abstract thought.

    The Montessori work allows us to see the areas the child is focusing on the most and the areas the child needs to be created for balanced education. Large and small group lessons are used to present the Montessori lessons. The teacher gives the children freedom and choice as they exhibit that they are ready for them.

    First grade curriculum covers Mathematics, language, reading, science, social studies, sensorial, and practical life skills. The teachers help children develop their academic potential to the highest level possible. Children get classwork and homework from Monday through Thursday along with weekly spelling tests and Math speed drill tests. Children explore different areas of cultural studies through experiments, field trips, and also special celebrations within school like Thanksgiving, Republic Day, and International Day.

    The prepared environment fosters peace, tolerance for others and independence in a highly motivating atmosphere along with the guided work through text books. This is an extremely successful combination that prepares the child for the upper elementary classroom or any other learning situation.

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