D.A.V Montessori & Elementary School’s Health & Safety protocols for Covid-19


Hybrid Learning Plan

The school year will start with online/virtual instruction only. A few weeks later after accessing the situation the school administration will launch the Hybrid Learning Plan, where instruction will take place virtually and in person. Class schedules have been designed to limit the number of students physically present in the school.


Online Only Learning

option is available if parents want to choose that for their child.


Health Checks

Temperature checks and screening are mandatory for all students, staff and visitors before allowing them entry into the school.



All students and staff are always required to wear face masks.



Handwashing and frequent sanitizing will be a top priority.


Safe Distancing

Arrival & dismissal will be taken care by designated staff. Visitors are discouraged from entering the school building. Class sizes have been reduced and classes have been rearranged to maintain the social distancing norms. Sneeze guards and dividers have been put in places where safe social distancing is not possible.


Extracurricular activities/field trips/celebration’s

All these have been suspended till further notice.


Response to a suspected/confirmed Covid-19 case

The school has protocols in place for notification, cleaning and isolation as specified by the CDC & TEA incase there is a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case on campus.

Preparation, implementation, outcomes, and next steps are being thoughtfully considered with flexibility and an open mind to designing success for staff, students, and families impacted by whatever emergency occurs. Therefore, this plan is a living plan. As the needs and circumstances shift, the DAVMES administration and teachers will adapt this plan to best meet those needs and address the emergent circumstances. Please contact the school administration if you have any questions

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