• Preschool

    The preschool class at DAVM has students between the ages of 2.5 –5 yrs. Montessori materials in the classroom helps the child develop the necessaryconcentration, coordination and working habits needed for successfully performing at advanced levels in the language, grammar, math, geography, science, and social studies.

    • Practical life enhances the development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, gross motor control, and cognitive order through care of self, care of environment, development of social relations, and coordination of physical movement.

    • Sensorial area Young children discover the world through their five senses and the Sensorial materials enhance their sensitivity towards their environment through the use of their five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The sensorial materials lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, and language development.

      Mathematics materials follow a sequential progression from concrete to abstract. This work gives children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepares them for later abstract reasoning, and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

    • Language development is vital to human development. The Montessori environment is rich in oral language opportunities, allowing the child to experience conversations, stories and poetry. The sandpaper letters help children link sound and symbol effortlessly, encouraging the development of written expression and reading skills. To further reading development, children are exposed to the study of grammar.

    • Cultural activities include geography – the world around us, the various continents, countries, land and water forms, the solar system; botany and zoology – the world of plants and animals. Children learn about people and cultures in other countries with an attitude of respect and admiration. Through familiarity, children come to feel connected to the global human family. Lessons and experiences with nature inspire a reverence for all life.

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