• Hindi

    Language connects us to the culture of a country. Culture is a way we behave with others. Research shows that Early language learning results in better pronunciation and have higher level of proficiency in communication. Hindi is the fourth most spoken first language in the world. The purpose to introduce Hindi to young minds at DAV is a step to invoke love and understanding for our rich Indian heritage. To acquaint them with our glorious traditions, values, ethnicity through celebrations of our National festivals like Diwali, Republic day, Holi. These traditions teach them to respect elders, help the needy, welcoming guests…. habits that make a good human being.

        In preschool children take their first step into Hindi learning through play and exploration. The vocabulary is enriched through beautiful rhymes and short stories in a very interactive classroom. The kids are equipped with the skill of reading and writing small words in Devanagari script by end of first grade.


  • The elementary Hindi class builds up the language skills and various aspects of the language in more depth. Conversations, essays, short projects on special events make learning fun. DAV takes pride in their graduates who are confidently reading, writing and conversing in the National Language of India.

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