• Art Program

    DAVMES hasincorporated theMonart art program as a part of its curriculum. Monart is a teaching system that helps students to focus and concentrate, make decisions, solve problems, sequence and develop hand-eye coordination. The students get to work in different art mediums like clay, charcoal, water colors, oil paints and Paper Mache to name a few.

  • Physical Education (PE)

    Participation in physical activity is positively related to academic success. DAVMES offers P.E from K.G to 5thGradein partnership with Junior Athletes.

  • Extra-curricular Activities

    All extra-curricularactivities take place after school and are conducted on the school premises for additional monthly payment.

  • Lego league

    The Lego league is a parent volunteer run program. The students meet after school and under the supervision and guidance of the parentcoach's work as teams andbuild projects based on the JrFLL themes using lego education kits. Our students have been participating in the JrFLL annual competitions.

  • Cub scouts

    D.A.V Montessorihasit’sown pack and welcomes boys from K.G to 5th Grade. The parents of the cub scouts are actively involved. Cub Scouts offers a lot of fun activities that promote character and leadership development.

  • Chess

    The benefits of playing chess are numerous. It helps students improve their IQ, increase their problem-solving skills,improves memory and spatial skills. We offer a very robust Chess program, where students are taught by FIDE rated coaches in small group settings.

  • Music

    Studies show that young children who participate in music classes have improved speech development and learn to read more easily. Learning music helps to develop the left side of the brain (related to language and reasoning), assists with soundrecognition, and teaches rhythm and rhyme.Music enhances analytical skills, creativity and expression.

    Ms. Smriti Srivastav who has been teaching music in the USA for more than 28 years conducts the music program at DAVMES. Under her able guidance students are introduced to light classical music.

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